Tron (1982)

Tron. For some kind of reasons I keep thinking of BASIC (the language) commands 'tron' and 'troff', effectively meaning something like (respectively) 'trace on' and 'trace off'. I think it showed the line numbers of execution, but I can't remember exactly. I'll have to test that in the MSX emulator one day. Anyways, we're also talking  about the movie called Tron, starring Bruce Boxleitner, Jeff Bridges and Cindy Morgan (official website) .

The last time I saw the movie must have been when I was in my late teens. Or early twenties. And although the story nowadays would be ranked 'mediocre' (the same for the acting), the animation and the special effects are making this movie interesting and worthwhile watching. Not to mention the sexy neon suits.

If you were an Eighties nerd, this film is a must see, if only for the graphics and effects alone. And watch Cindy change helmets.


When the shark bites

Yesterday, TBS (self proclaimed 'Superchannel') had their 'original movie' 'Red Water' on the programming. And trust me, it was bad.

My wife and I started betting who would be killed in the movie and we were almost right. The guy with the beard didn't get killed, however, before he left the movie, I recall hearing him say the line 'I'm out of here'. And he disappeared, just like that. Quite a remarkable way to get yourself written out of a movie.

Every B-movie has a B-movie-female-star, and in this case it was Kristy Swanson. If that name doesn't ring a bell, don't bother. If it does, don't bother either. But anyways, her acting was so convincing, that I for one, now truly believe that blondes can only yell, scream and kiss when confronted with evildoers, plastic sharks and ex-hubbies. Naturally (for Hollywood), being able to play a scientist is a bonus.


Sell outs

Yo La Tengo's (The Political Correct Sonic Youth, so to say) memories to writing music for commercials, apparantly a league on its own. And dry comments, another trademark of the band:

   "There was some concern voiced when the beginning of our composition was deemed "too sad." I made matters worse by pointing out that that section was in 3/4 time. That's the problem! was the response. You must change it out of 3/4 time. But we stood our ground. How, I no longer recall. "

[Coca-Cola/Atlanta Olympics commercial 1996]

   "We saw the spots on tv a few times. Have they kept pregnant women from smoking? You tell me. Were they supposed to? Hard to say--the money behind them came from tobacco lawsuit settlements, so were actually paid for by the tobacco companies."

[Anti-Smoking campaign commercial]

Both music pieces are downloadable in MP3 format.


English English

Alfons says that I say that his English is bad, however, that's not exactly what I've ever said. I dare to say that the English as taught in Dutch schools (HAVO and higher) is nearly perfect, but when it comes to 'conversational' English, not surprisingly, it lags.

It could be worse: When I hear Ahhhnold talking, I keep wondering where he got his education from. I mean, after all these years, him being an American citizen, I have a hard time making out what he says. And I bet, I'm not the only one. Maybe he should have been living among the ordinary English-speaking fooks.